Frequently Asked Questions

Is it one time payment or recurring?
Commissions are lifetime recurring. You convert someone, you get paid for every payment they make - for LIFE!* *T&S may apply
How does it track conversions?
Tracking is done through IP address tracking, Cookie tracking, coupon tracking and email tracking. With the privacy adjustments being made by google, Cookie tracking will slowly become more unreliable, so we continuously look to implement the latest tracking methods and put them in place to ensure the conversion driven by you is always accurately attributed to your account.
What help do I get as an affiliate-partner?
You get a dedicated account rep who's available for you to reach out to for demo's, requests and more!
About the payment settlement.
Our company doesn't use PayPal for payments, and due to our compliance guidelines, PayPal is not an option for us. This has made payment settlements challenging. I'd like to clarify a few things: 1.Do we have a settlement method that connects directly with the bank's system through an API? 2.How can we more quickly obtain the banking information of the settlement party? 3.Regarding INVOICEs, how do we request the other party to send us their INVOICE?